South Korean Medical AI Provider and PACS Leader Enters Indonesian Market, to Help COVID-19 Screening and Diagnosis

- Lunit and INFINITT Healthcare joins a global software distribution partnership to provide AI solution to the Indonesian market - Announced the first sales contract at Leuwiliang General Hospital in Indonesia to support medical professionals to screen COVID-19

Lunit, a South Korean medical AI software company, announced a partnership with a leading PACS provider INFINITT Healthcare to accelerate its global expansion.

Lunit and INFINITT Healthcare recently entered into a global software distribution and licensing partnership. Implemented in the INFINITT PACS system, Lunit AI will be distributed in the global market and expand its market presence. INFINITT Healthcare is a dominant player in the South Korean PACS market, globally recognized for its technology. 

As the first step, the two companies signed their first commercial sales contract with Leuwiliang General Hospital in Indonesia. Leuwiliang General Hospital is one of the leading healthcare institutions of West Java Indonesia that provide diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 patients. West Java is also known as the region with the second most cases following Jakarta. The number of COVID-19 cases have rapidly increased in Indonesia since the end of last year, with more than one million new cases confirmed everyday. 

Radiologists of Leuwiliang General Hospital using Lunit INSIGHT CXR and INFINITT PACS G7
Radiologists of Leuwiliang General Hospital using Lunit INSIGHT CXR and INFINITT PACS G7

Radiologists of Leuwiliang General Hospital will use ‘Lunit INSIGHT CXR’, an AI software for detecting chest abnormalities, and INFINITT’s latest PACS system, ‘INFINITT PACS G7’ for more accurate diagnosis of COVID-19. A recent study published in a peer-reviewed journal ‘Plos One’ indicated that when using Lunit INSIGHT CXR for COVID-19 screening, it can detect the symptoms with over 95% of sensitivity.

Dr. Suci Syamsiah Ramdhini, a radiologist at Leuwiliang General Hospital stated, “Thanks to Lunit INSIGHT CXR, abnormal lesions such as pneumonia and cardiomegaly were found clearly in complicated lung cases”. Experts say that chest x-rays compress and represent three-dimensional human lungs into a two-dimensional, so there may be lesions that are easily missed by radiologists.

“Lunit INSIGHT CXR brings value to medical professionals and patients in not only difficult circumstances such as the current pandemic crisis but in routine clinical settings as well,” said Brandon Suh, CEO of Lunit. “We look forward to providing enhanced medical services in more countries with our global partner INFINITT Healthcare.”

Lunit INSIGHT CXR is now supporting medical professionals to diagnose COVID-19 in more than 10 countries and has an accuracy of 97 to 99% in detecting 10 major chest diseases such as lung nodules and pneumothorax. It is CE marked and clinically available in Europe, Middle East, Latin America, South East Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

About Lunit

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With AI, we aim to make data-driven medicine the new standard of care. We are especially focused on conquering cancer, one of the leading causes of death worldwide.

We develop AI solutions for precision diagnostics and therapeutics, to find the right diagnosis at the right cost, and the right treatment for the right patients.

Lunit, abbreviated from “learning unit,” is an AI software company devoted to developing advanced medical image analytics and data-driven imaging biomarkers via cutting-edge deep learning technology.

Founded in 2013, Lunit has been internationally acknowledged for its advanced, state-of-the-art technology and its application in medical images. Lunit has been named by CB Insights as one of “AI 100” startups transforming healthcare industry.

Lunit's technology has been recognized at international competitions such as ImageNet (5th place, 2015), TUPAC 2016 (1st place), and Camelyon 2017 (1st place), surpassing top companies like Google, IBM, and Microsoft. Lunit is based in Seoul, South Korea.


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